MARKO Magician & Hypnotist

Entertainment For All Ages!

MARKO is a Magician & Hypnotist performing worldwide since 1970.

MARKO For Corporations & Trade Shows

MARKO's degree and experience in marketing and sales will get your message across in any situation.

Whether simply to mystify and entertain or to promote a product, service, message or theme, MARKO's magic will be a hit.  MARKO has customized his performances to fit many types of situations.  

On the trade show floor, MARKO is an expert at attracting huge crowds to your showroom or booth.  MARKO's customized presentations and humor will captivate and inform the audiences.  Excitement, bigger crowds and more leads.  The ultimate trade show weapon!

Magic breaks down barriers and introduces information in a way that will be retained.  MARKO is more than a magician; MARKO is a powerful corporate spokesman.


Hospitality suites, sales meetings, motivational meetings, dinner shows, customer or employee appreciation events, orientations, spouse events, master of ceremonies... 

MARKO can design any combination of entertainment or teaching to fit your needs.  From a single show to a complete package of magic and hypnosis, let MARKO make your events the best they can possibly be.   

MARKO has been successfully creating wonderful magic and hypnosis events for several years.  Because of the broad scope of his magic and hypnosis shows and the great variety of shows MARKO has to offer, your events will be eagerly attended.   

Trade Shows

Trade shows are a numbers game.  The main goal is to get as many people to come into your showroom or booth as possible so you can identify their potential.  MARKO will maximize your exposure.  MARKO's goal is to make you look great.  People will remember the entertainment.  People will remember the information.  But most importantly people will remember who provided it.  YOU!

Remember: You can't reach perspective clients if they don't stop in.


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