MARKO Magician & Hypnotist

Entertainment For All Ages!

MARKO is a Magician & Hypnotist performing worldwide since 1970.

Programs That Work

The Magic In You - School Assebmly Programs

Marko, in conjunction with the Departments of: Education, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Health, Safety, Libraries, The Red Cross, Fire Marshall’s Office and School Nurse Association, has developed four unique and innovative school assembly programs.

The Power Of Your Mind - Hypnosis School Assembly Programs

The Power Of Your Mind school assembly programs are entertaining and fun.  While watching fellow classmates perform under hypnosis, students are open to the messages MARKO presents and how they relate to the power of their own mind.

School Residency Teaching Programs

MARKO is an enthusiastic teacher and his love of magic will rub off on all his students.  MARKO has worked with children and adults, both amateur and professional, for many years teaching the art of magic.  MARKO also works with deaf, emotionally disturbed and physically challenged students with great success.

Fund Raisers

MARKO has so much to offer for your fund raiser.  Magic - Hypnosis & a success kit to help you make the most out of your fund raiser.  MARKO has been doing fund raisers all over the country for many years.  Come see why so many of the fund raisers are repeated year after year.


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