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MARKO is a Magician & Hypnotist performing worldwide since 1970.

Educational Endorsements - General

On behalf of the Governor's Youth Leadership Conference planning committee, I would like to thank you for your participation.  Your magical contribution was a major factor in making this year's conference a success. 

Carol L. Rose - Alcohol & Traffic Safety Consultant - Department Of Education 


Marko performed an exciting closing session for our Teen Pregnancy Prevention Conference and managed to hold the attention of over 100 eighth grade students after lunch at the Balsams Grand Resort ‑ no small feat!  Along with his fascinating magic acts, he interwove messages to the students about self-esteem, self‑respect, and the importance of realizing that the decisions they make today affect the rest of their lives. 

Fran Bigney - Program Coordinator - Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital - Dartmouth-Hitchcock


PI have seen MARKO's magic show several times.  He amazes our students with his magic.  MARKO is one of the friendliest performers I have ever known.  He is very patient and loves to see the kid's jaws drop with his magic.  At the end of the show everyone leaves with a huge smile on his or her face.  There are no disappointments with MARKO.  His magic is incredible!!! 

Bradley C. Hammond - Assistant Director of Student Life -Austine School for the Deaf & Hard‑of‑Hearing 


Our students are learning disabled and many of them have attention issues when Marko came to entertain our students during dinner, they were mesmerized.  The school community gathered to hear him present on the topic of drugs and alcohol, Marko tied the idea of magic in with the illusions created by substance abuse and, because he already had their attention and interest, they heard an important message in a very creative way. 

Charlene J. Halloran, M.A., C.A.S. - The Forman School 


You were terrific!  After the show I asked the children what they had learned from you and they told me 6 things that they had learned.  I was impressed that they had learned these lessons while being so intrigued with the magic. 

Meg Mithoefer - Mettawee Community School 


While the parents and students were being entertained, powerful and straightforward messages were being given. 

Ann Mulligan - Hooksett Memorial School - Project Safeguard 


Marko is able to use his talent to not only entertain youth, but to teach and guide them as well.  Marko is able to weave positive messages into his performances so that children are both learning and laughing.  I recommend Marko highly to all parents, schools and organizations.  You are guaranteed both a smile on your face and a positive lesson on life. 

Rebecca Summers - Student Assistance Program - White Mountains - SAU No. 35


Marko uses his magic skills as an impressive and effective teaching tool, talk about a captive audience and teachable moments!  He incorporated audience participation, which provided fun, excitement and reinforcement.  I highly recommend Marko and magic as an excellent fun and educational experience. 

Cynthia A. Murphy - RN, School Nurse 


Educational - Principals

MARKO is “the best of best.”  He totally mesmerizes the audience.  He is dependable.  He is also very stimulating and enjoyable.  The acts that he performs are on a level not usually seen, and of a caliber that make his show more than worthwhile.  For quality of performance, participation and excitement of the audience, and a truly enjoyable experience, Marko the Magician is a must on anyone's list of performers to see.  
Peter D. Hunt - Principal - Hiawatha Elementary School  


Our students talked the entire way back on the bus about the program.  They didn't just discuss the magic tricks‑ they remembered many of the messages communicated through the activities, and asked if we could have “the magician” come to our school! 

Debbie Gould - Principal - Rupert Elementary Schools 


Students and faculty members are wowed by his tricks.  Marko is perfect for school settings.  Marko's artistry as a magician, as well as his motivational speeches for learning, have made dynamic presentations.  Students and teachers are riveted upon Marko's words and actions.  His shows make for a real highlight of our school year.  Entertain, teach and motivate students! 

Mark Trifilio - Principal - Bellows Free Academy


Marko is fantastic.  His message if very clear to the children and he kept them mesmerized throughout his entire program.  He is truly amazing and by far the best assemblies we have had have been the two of Marko's. 

John J. Stone - Principal - Rindge Memorial School


Educational - Teaching

We were very fortunate in getting Marko The Magician to come to our school for three different sessions to work with my students and teach them some magic tricks.  He did a fantastic job teaching the children.  It will be one of the most memorable times of their school year.  You would find it most beneficial, as he has a great rapport with the children and definitely holds their attention. 

Gordon J. Willard - Principal - Brook Street School  


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