MARKO Magician & Hypnotist

Entertainment For All Ages!

MARKO is a Magician & Hypnotist performing worldwide since 1970.

Library Endorsements

Marko The Magician has come to our library several times over the past few years.  His show has broad appeal for young and old alike.  Young children are fascinated by his tricks, older children try to figure out what he's up to, and adults (me, in particular!) can't stop laughing at his humor!  Whenever we advertise for Marko, we have to turn people away at the door, or else break fire code!  I can't say enough about his presentation ‑ he is extremely good at what he does, he knows how to control even the most rambunctious audience, and he always keeps us intrigued.  I highly recommend him! 

Julie Pickett - Children's Librarian - Stowe Free Library 


When you need a performer that can captivate a large audience of all ages, whom do you call?  Marko, of course!  Marko keeps track of the tricks he performs.  So rest assured that you won't get the same show as last time, because it is never the same twice.  The entire audience will be in stitches, and everyone will leave with a smile.  Marko ranks high on my short list of entertainers guaranteed to be crowd pleasers. 

Carol Chatfield - Youth Service Librarian - Ilsley Public Library  


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