MARKO Magician & Hypnotist

Entertainment For All Ages!

MARKO is a Magician & Hypnotist performing worldwide since 1970.

Hypnosis For All Occasions

MARKO is a Certified Master Hypnotist & Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

MARKO began studying hypnosis in college.  Having a chance to study hypnosis with world-renowned hypnotist Ormond McGill has been one of the highlights of MARKO's career.  MARKO's shows are designed for fun and no one is ever embarrassed or compromised.


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Tasteful – Appropriate – Respectful - Amazing

MARKO takes his subjects on magical journeys of their minds.  Every show is jam packed with music, sound effects, props, comedy, mystery, excitement, emotions, intrigue and much more.  Subjects will leave MARKO's show with new-found energy, enthusiasm, self-confidence and a higher self-esteem.

No Two Shows Are Ever The Same!

You'll be bent over with laughter.  You'll laugh so hard you'll hurt.  MARKO finds 100% of his volunteers’ talents and showcases them in a fun and exciting way.  MARKO turns volunteers into stars using hypnosis to extract hidden talents.  Volunteers have so much fun that they attend future shows to participate again and again.  MARKO's hypnosis shows will make your events the talk of the town!

Always Hilarious!

Fund Raisers

MARKO has so much to offer for your fund raiser.  Magic - Hypnosis & a success kit to help you make the most out of your fund raiser.  MARKO has been doing fund raisers all over the country for many years.  Come see why so many of the fund raisers are repeated year after year.

Self-Hypnosis CDs & Show DVDs

- Hypnosis CDs - Learn to use hypnosis to change your life.

- Hypnosis Show DVDs - Past hypnosis shows available.


Self-Hypnosis Seminars

For Large Or Small Groups


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MARKO’s Self-Hypnosis Seminars are lively, interactive, fun and full of practical tools that can be applied immediately.

Participants will learn progressive relaxation, visualization and breathing techniques to successfully use self-hypnosis for personal and professional goals.  The self-hypnosis techniques learned can be applied to many other areas of self-improvement and personal betterment.

Participants will learn how to deal with their issues, which will promote a better work place and will prevent employee burnout.


Instead of trying to teach how to quit smoking, MARKO helps participants visualize themselves as becoming and being non-smokers.  Results are better and success rates are much higher.  Never smoke again.

Participants will learn to identify and regain control over stress.  Stress is the number one cause of many illnesses and problems people encounter in their lives.  Learn how to take control of stress now and forever.


Most people have great ideas and plans for success. The problem is many people lack the motivation to carry out their plans and follow them through.  MARKO teaches you to be motivated and to follow your plans so you can achieve your goals.

Diets often fail because dieting is a negative process.  MARKO teaches how to become a healthy eater with the desire to increase physical activity.  Get in shape, lose weight and stay that way for a lifetime.


Other subjects also available...


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