MARKO Magician & Hypnotist

Entertainment For All Ages!

MARKO is a Magician & Hypnotist performing worldwide since 1970.


Magic For All Occasions

MARKO has what you need for your event.  Close-Up, Stand-Up or Stage MARKO will entertain and blow your group away.  Try a combination of close-up Magic and a stage show to to fill your needs.  Shows will be tailored to fit your audience.




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Close-Up Magic

MARKO is a highly skilled sleight-of-hand magician with the unique ability to make magic happen in your hands.

MARKO uses cards, coins, ropes, your personal items, and an endless list of props to create mini illusions that will knock your socks off.

MARKO's close-up magic is an excellent idea for cocktail parties, dinners, meetings, business promotions, trade shows, conferences, restaurants, cruise ships or any situation where people are seated or mingling.  Close-up magic is also a great way to warm up an audience before a formal show

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Stand-Up Shows (Less Than 80 People)

These performances are ideal for groups of fewer than 100 people.  They are a mini version of a stage show and are suited for smaller gatherings.  There is plenty of audience participation, and shows can be designed for any age or occasion.

Stage Shows (More Than 80 People)

MARKO is a wonderful stage performer who handles an audience like no one else.  You'll feel like you're right on stage with him the whole time.

MARKO's stage performances include illusions that will astound and mystify.  All shows provide for plenty of audience participation on a volunteer basis.

Stage performances are an excellent idea for companies, conferences, trade shows, orientations, high schools, colleges, fairs, festivals, cruise ships, resorts, private parties, fund raisers...  Shows can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

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